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   Welcome to the: FST Data Port
This site serves as an depository outpost for all things pertaining to FST (Flight Sim Toolkit), released in 1993 - and modified / added to, by others over the years. Get everything you need right here to build your very own flight simulator and download pre-built complete FST Sims for examination and enjoyment.
(Its all free: no catches, no spyware, no foolin!)
FST was / is an advance Windows / DOS program suite - created by software developer Simis and published by Domark. (Both software companies have long ago ceased operations and FST has pretty much been relegated to "abandonware" status).
FST allows users to build, fly, and distribute their very own flight simulators with little (and or no) knowledge of actual programming. The program uses a small collection of Windows based design tools that easily output files to: (1) build a terrain and place / assign behaviors to objects, (2) create a color palette, (3) Design 3D static and dynamic objects via an impressive 3D CAD module (a large pre-built library of 3D shapes was also supplied), (4) Easily create mathematical flight models for a/c performance, and (5) Create cockpit and layouts for instrument panels. The collection of output files from the tool set, along with a flight engine executable (FLY.EXE) made the complete simulation. To date, this highly creative software package idea has yet to be surpassed - for what it offers; at a learning curve level which does not require years of study to become proficient in.
Unfortunately, development by its parents quickly ceased by the mid 90s as the product had very limited appeal, and old sims created with FST would not run properly on newer computer systems under Windows. This was due to the nature of the drop in flight engine: FLY.EXE; which was initially rushed to production with many errors and remainded DOS based in operation. By the late 1990s, FST user were limited to a small cadre of faithful followers. There was some effort towards and FST 2.0 product, but it never developed much beyond alpha builds. Sadly, a general movement away from creative "sandbox" type software products in favor of first person shooters and scenerio based products greatly hindered additional development in this unique, inventive, and empowering sub-genre of computer software.
All would've been lost... but then in 2002, the FLY.EXE source code was released by the successor to Simis (Kuju Entertainment) and the complex project of fixing and augmenting the FLY.EXE code for use under Windows was taken up (pro bono) by accomplished C programmer and FST enthusiast: Dave Daniels. To date, Mr. Daniels dedication has continued to advance and refine FST sim functionality. As such, the new FLY.EXE (ver. 3.00 and beyond) allows old FST sims - once dead - to fly again... and new FST sims to be (once again) created and shared for enjoyment and learning on modern computer systems and OSes. Currently, FLY.EXE runs mainly on Windows based computers and has very low hardware requirement by todays standards.
As It now seems that nearly all resources for this software have disappeared off the web, the FST Data Port has taken up the cause! As I've been active (off and on) with this program for many years - and do not wish my work, other folks efforts, and the collection of data in general to fall into the abyss - I am posting all my FST related files here for any who are interested. Feel free to browse, download, utilise, and enjoy.
Additionally (and beyond FST) many FST files can be used in other programs, especially the shape (FSD) files. There's an FSD to DXF file conversion utility that really gives shape files legs! Further, FST tools can still be used to develop object and terrain files - their output being in simple text file format. FST's excellent Windows based CAD program is still very powerful and in some ways, even superior to modern software TITLEernatives.

Okay, be aware that the FST Data Port's just starting up and - may or may not be updated regularly in the future. If you have a few questions or need help with using FST - or any of these files - I'll be glad to assist - if I can. Extensive help might require a consulting fee payable via Paypal.
I Hope you enjoy the site, and welcome to the FST Data Port!  

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