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Latest site update: Sept. 8th 2013
More section and page updating. The SI Harbor Section finally looks good again! This was "the" oldest and first section on Also, I am working on a new area. Yeah, I know - its been a while (actually, I do build other sites too ya'know...)
May 20th 2013
Various page updating... I am slowly slogging through this massive old site, reworking HTML and CSS to display better for modern wide screen displays (via page confinement - as seen here), additionally - now writing for Firefox compatibility... which is much stricter than good old IE (which auto-corrected a lot of hinky older code). So, a lot of tedious reworking of pages to improve the look and readability - to make it "as good as it used to look" with a newer generation of browsers.
February 1st, 2011 1400 GMT

Okay, working away on finally - trying to get things connected again. If something is broken (and a lot is), I should have it fixed pretty soon now. Also, please check out my new section: Flight Sim Toolkit Data Port, which should be a major focus here in the immediate future.

October 15th, 2010 2000 GMT

Yes, I am still alive... for the present. Okay, I am finally getting this site the hell off Earthlink Web Hosting - who's price is like 6 times what most other web hosting outfits charge these days... Thus, will be moving hosts from Earthlink to However, there's going to be a few little "snags". Forms will need to be updated (I will try to get at the popular ones a.s.a.p) - but please, if you are using one that is broken, kindly give me a "heads up" on it. I will update the coding on these as soon as I can... A plus concerns protected directories, which for a time, I have just set up to be wide open... no password required. Finally, my old outboard Earthlink sub-sites / homepages, will now be simply carried as sub directories of (you can ask on a broken link and I will give you the correct URL routing if you can't wait).

So, there'll be some housekeeping to do... but well worth it - with a tasty saving of more that $420 annually. This site was with Earthlink for like ten years... so I guess I gave them over four thousand buck-a-roos. Yikes. People may think the net is free; but behind most small sites: are folks like me - paying for webhosting services out of our own pockets... Anyways, the site should be -a bit broken- for a while...

Finally, sorry, there has been so little new web content here, but I am not out of the game... Rather, I have just been busy with other sites, and their content as well. Hopefully, I will have more time soon for additional work at Oh, I do post frequently to my blog under my nom de plume, for those in the know...

September 9th 2007 at 0500 GMT

Well, it has been a while for an update, huh? (Sorry, I have been busy with programming projects.) Now I am happy to report the FS4 Webport Section has been finally fully detailed and populated. Lots of Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 related information and files.

And, two new developing pages off the Pilots Lounge as well: Elite Rocketeer Commander and PlanGen.

February 2nd, 2006 at 0200 GMT

A new section has been added:Virtual Reality Studio - Resource. The new area (template by Mic) employs a "gizmo" type main section page, and generates new windows as deeper detail is requested.

Also, some house keeping and additional reformatting of menu choices underway. Finally, there's more article snips added to Mic's Musings as well as over at SI Harbor News.

November 15th, 2005 at 1500 GMT

There has been a re-vamping of the Elite Plus: Planetside area; in concert with a new upload of the program - which includes a far more advanced version of the flight engine.

September 16th, 2005 at 2300 GMT

A new section / quasi-seperate site has been added to the Boating area. Those who are interested in sailing and repairing small boats may enjoy checking out: Javelin Point. This may become a seperate commercial identity in time... I have a lot more data to add to this area in the future.

March 29th, 2005GMT

BlueDog - website virtual guardianToday I am happy to add the services of BlueDog - website virtual guardian to It's good have someone "on the watch", hanging around, and being alert to visitors. BlueDog is on guard 24 hours a day, providing a high level of serious stealthed protection - and watch out, he bites!

Oh, there's also been some new articles added to Mic's Musings.

March 19th, 2005

Improvements continue right along lately... I am very please to add my new special commentary on: Golden Era PC Games, Vintage Software - Why They Count! This page has a new "style of presentation", as it utilizes an embedded java-script format for direct overlay of the present page in display - Yes, its that important! (I hope you read it...)

There has also been a lot of general tweaking and updating going on. Those of you who are regular visitors of this site will no doubt notice the changes.

March 7th, 2005

Well, I am delighted to report the addition of finally another new section to this site. Hyperspeed Base is now open for visitors; being more than a month in development. Also, since I have recently drastically increase the allotted size for on the Earthlink servers, look for more sections and features coming along soon!

May 28th, 2004

A new navigation sub-page has been added off the entry main menu; accessed through the button labeled: More Selections. This page incorporates a drop down express menu selector for additional area navigation. General changes also underway... link updates, etc.

February 24th, 2003

Most of the new effort for this site has gone into the Flight Simulations Section and its Subpages. Especially the, Stunt Island Harbor area. Also, some minor updating as well as adding to the Site Map index page.

February 5th, 2002

A big update has been underway for most of November / December/January...

The Sailing Section has been completely revamped and heavily expanded into the Boating Section. This includes several new pages as well as the Makai Sub-Section.

Next, two new sub-sections has been added to the Pilot's Lounge: First, the exciting space simulation: Terminus; a modern successor to Frontier Elite II has been detailed. Second (but first in importance) - the MS Space Simulator product have been given high focus for future development off the Pilot's Lounge with the opening of: MS Space Simulation Central. Look for more expansion in this sub-section soon!

Many pages have been updated including the all encompassing (and pain in the ass): Site Map index page. The Topics Orbiter page now boosts a nifty new space station (thanks to MS Space Simulator graphics engine). Oh, there is a page name change: The Archangel Update page is now the Archangel Insider page. Finally, the "Waz'zup with Mic" page has been discontinued - less info. for you lurkers... The Mr. Pointy Bird Blanket page is also history. now exceeds more to 10.2 meg in size and greater than 470 files.

May 23rd, 2001

Sailing Page updated in respect to Archangel info. Also, a bit of news on the, Archangel Update page.

April 3rd, 2001

A new section has been added to the site called Virtualand. It concerns VRML and a program called ISB3 (Internet Space Builder 3).

March 3rd, 2001

A new page has been added to the Welcome page, that being a Site Map index page. Users who get lost at this site, or who need to find info. in the quickest way possible can use this handy resource.

Other tweaks continue on the site, including a few updates to the Pilot's Lounge, - as usual. Look for Frontier VR coming soon! A download for Elite Plus: Planetside is available to registered users.

January 19th, 2001

Home Launch of
After four years as a home site, this site finally gets its domain and moves off the server. The site was near exceeding the user allowed webspace and it was time to evolve. Sadly, the once great Compuserve is now a mere name shell being run by AOL. My email account at Compuserve will remain open for a time longer - but a full divorce is probably in the wind (I have been a CS member since 1990... when Compuserve was The Net).

Making the moves, many changes have been addressed. All files and hyper text documents have needed to become UNIX compatible, since the site was coming from a less demanding NT server. The Eclectic Island home page and Topics Harbor page for introduction and author information have been replaced. The Eclectic Island home page has been retired. The Topics Harbor page underwent extensive rework and has become the Topics Orbiter page. The nautical theme of the old pages has been replaced with a space theme, better keeping with the name: All HTML pages have been reviewed, many embedded style sheet changes and an update to a more homogenous look regardings text color, graphics, and layout

In additional to this site, the old server site now contains 14 identically named referral pages, modified to point users to the new locations.

Also, over the past weeks the Elite Plus: Planetside section continues to be updated (usually not reflected here). To check on the latest update to this section please check the Pilot's Lounge.

December 23th, 2000

Lots of improvements. Many new pages in theElite Plus: Planetside section off the Pilot's Lounge. One of the few things that has not been updated has been this damn update page! Until now... Just have a good look around. Thanks.

October 19th, 2000

A new page has been added to the Pilot's Lounge: Privateer 2, an FE2 Alternative ?. Another page added to the Pilot's Lounge hints of new FST development with an Elite focus. Elite Plus, Planetside. Also, the What's up with Mic page has been updated.

August 15th, 2000

A new page has been added to the Pilot's Lounge. The Frontier Films section has opened. Also, a new page has been added to the Sailing Section called Archangel Adventures. These pages represent considerable effort. Also, the What's up with Mic page has been updated.

May 11th, 2000

A new page has been added to the Pilot's Lounge. The What was in the Box page was added. Also, some additional coding added to pages to support IE's hover color change feature, implemented in some pages within the embedded style sheets section of the document (like this page). Also, the What's up with Mic page has been updated.

May 10th, 2000

Many many changes at the site. New pages added, old ones removed or altered in some form. Too many changes to report individually, just have a look around.

March 20th, 2000

Mic has a new program on the site for download. You can check out the page at Flight Data Log. This is a stand-alone utility for FE2.

January 25th, 2000

Mic has completed writing Chapters Four and Five of Commander Mic's Logbook. These two chapters have been almost a full year in development. Mic thinks it's some of his best writing to date. Why not have a look...

Mic has totally updated this website, initiating a Font Lockdown to Arial. This was required as some users were viewing my pages under their browsers default font-Courier. One visitor even stated that my font looked dated. Duh -- Courier always looked dated. So, now you no longer have a choice... HTML 4.0 style-sheets to the rescue.

November 22nd, 1999

The Waz'Zup with Mic Page has been updated as well as the sailing section and the Archangel Update
A New page has been added to the Commander's Club in the Frontier Elite two section called:
Frontier Holiday Greeting Cards.

July 27th, 1999

A couple of new goodies have been added to the Waz'Zup with Mic Page. Also, have a look at the new addition to the sailing section called the Archangel Update

May 27th, 1999

A New and exciting sub-page has been added to the site over the past week. Go and have yourself a good chuckle learning about Mr. Pointy Bird Blanket . This page is a sub-page of the Waz'Zup with Mic Page.

May 14th, 1999

Various small tweaks and changes being done to site... Backgrounds changing and buttons being added.

May 04th, 1999

ARCHANGEL launches, boating season commences...

  1. A new document has been added to the Commander's Club...
    Running Frontier Elite II with Windows 95/98
  2. The info. on Archangel has been updated on the Boats and Sailing Page
  3. This website should eventually migrate to my laptop and as such should update much more frequently.

February 19th, 1999

Not enough time lately ... Boating season approaches

  1. I have added another little chapter to Commander Mic's Logbook
  2. There's a little something new in the Boats and Sailing Section, namely concerning the Pelican

September 15th, 1998

Off-Line for a year ...

  1. Well, not really but you might think so. I have been working on other projects and doing some sailing. Look for new info. and pages coming soon.
  2. I am getting back into the site and brushing up on HTML. Things should start to change here pretty soon, especially after the weather goes down hill here...

November 16th, 1997

  1. I am once again starting work on the site after recovering from a recent illness and becoming preoccupied with my new job.
  2. A counter has been added to the Frontier Elite II Section in the Pilots Lounge.
  3. A new Chapter has been added to the Commander Mic's Logbook.
  4. See What's up with Mic page for details.

September 30th, 1997

Another Another New Section opens..

  1. A new and exciting section has been added to the Commander's Club.
  2. You simply must check out Commander Mic's Logbook

September 25th, 1997

New Section opens..

  1. Check out the Elite Mars Section from Topics Harbor or the Pilot's Lounge.
  2. The Frontier Elite II Section has been "One Way-ed", you will have to back out to get back to Topics Harbor.
  3. The Frontier Elite II Section is tied to various other Web Sites around the world now...
  4. Look for a new Elite Features soon!
  5. The Look and Function of the Pilot's Lounge has been improved.

September 18th, 1997

Tweaks and slow improvements are the order of the week.

  1. The Boats and Sailing Section has been expanded... see pictures of Archangel.
  2. Some adjustments and fixes have been applied to various pages for Netscape 3.0.
  3. This site is now being designed to be best viewed with Netscape 3.0 at 800 x 600 resolution.
  4. Look for a new Elite Feature soon!
  5. Some new backgrounds have been applied to various pages.
  6. The Stunt Island Section of the site has been removed and probably will not return.

September 9th, 1997

OKAY, I'm back at work here now so the site should start changing at least a little each week. Sorry for such a big delay, but I have been off this Spring and Summer... doing real estate title examining and recently rebuilding an old O'day Javelin Sailboat.

January 31th, 1997

More goodies for FE2 continue to come on-line...

A New Page has been added to the Commander's Club in the Frontier Elite II section concerning known program bugs. Additionally, an interactive Pilots Roster entry area and follow up screen is also in development in the Commander's Club. (I'm in the process of getting a handle on forms...)

January 29th, 1997

After being away from the site for about of week, finally got to do some more work. Here's what's new:

1. A new page has been added off the Commander's Club in the Frontier Elite II Section. This page is about a program called a Random Flight Plan Generator (which I wrote). It is available there for download (you do not need FE2 to try this program).

2. A new series of Express Buttons has been added to the Eclectic Island Hompage to facilitate return visitors navigation to the area of the site that interests them.

January 17th, 1997

  1. A graphic for Topics Harbor has been added, created with Vistapro 3.1
  2. The Pilot's Lounge is now open in the Frontier Elite 2 Section.
  3. Elite Secrets page added, with table graphic (may not display correctly w/o Netscape).

January 14th, 1997

  1. All htm pages were reviewed and refined, needless comments inserted by HPWiz were removed.
  2. The Stunt Island Section was reviewed and site mapped.
  3. The Frontier Elite II Section project has been started.
  4. Now, both the Stunt Island Section and Frontier Elite II are active.
  5. The format of this page has been changed to have newest entries first.

January 8th, 1997

The following fixes were applied:

  1. isle1.gif graphic file display on homepage.htm fixed.
  2. Downloading of the SI film of a F-16 Jet Landing fixed.
  3. The display of images in the Stunt Island Graphics has been fixed.
  4. The display of the author's graphic on topichar.htm was simplified.

January 5th, 1997

  1. This is a new site. Incept date was January 5th, 1997.
  2. Currently, The site is not flushed out in all areas.
  3. The Stunt Island Section is the most detailed at present.
  4. Look for more changes coming soon.
Special Thanks to Alan Palmer, a great guy and SYSOP in the CIS Internet Publishing Forum for his ongoing patience, outstanding help, and fast response with this site's design and implementation.