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Last updated:February 1st, 2011
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February 2011
Ep2 ReDux

Doing a little work back with FST these days... With a much improved flight engine (FLY.EXE), higher resolutions, and a nifty Windows installer program, Ep2 will run without complaint on most newer systems. Also opening is the exciting new section for all FST based simulations: the Flight Sim Toolkit Data Port. You may download the latest version of Ep2 via following the Ep2 Download Page to the FST Data Port.

April 2006
Ep2 Blossoms...

Ep2 has continued to develop lately; just as new versions of FLY.EXE 3.** have continued to be produced. Many new operational, informational, and simulation based features augmenting simulation depth - are now being incorporated, on a near daily rate, into the project. Ep2 now boosts a multi-mission front end utility, new informative help screens, an a larger world to explore - with even more objects. In short, Ep2 is bigger and better than ever.

November 2005

There has been some serious and wondrous changes in the FST (Flight Sim Toolkit) world as of late with the release of a new quite stable "drop in" engine replacement for the original FLY.EXE (ver. 1.47,etc.). This is H-U-G-E news as these once "near dead" sims needing specific old CPUs, DOS versions, & Soundblasters - will now run on most all newer Win98 thru WinXP platforms... without trouble.
With the above in mind, I have revamped Ep2 (beginning with ver. 2.00), updating it to include the newest fst engine. The new flight engine adds many cool and fun improvements that will greatly increase your enjoyment within the sim; including such things as an advanced auto-pilot with terrain following ability (such as the Tornado has). Also, many long standing goofs in the flight engine have been addressed. Wonderful.

March 2001
Ep2 Is Born! is proud to offer this initial version of Elite Plus: Planetside for your review. This program is just starting out, and works best under real DOS or okay in VDM DOS under Windows 98. Please see the included documentation file for complete details. It will be added to in the future - hopefully.

Updated: April 2006
Program Description

Ep2 is at its core is more of a traditional flight simulation. It is an FST (that's Flight Sim Toolkit) based program I "was" / - now am again - developing with uploads to this section of
This once, stand alone DOS program (now finally Windows 98 thru XP compatible) is being made available in developmental increments. The program will be operational, but one can always do more! Ultimately, Future development depends on me and user support from you. It's is surprising amount of work it takes to create alone a complete flight simulation with backstory...
History and Concept:
One of the few problems with the game ELITE PLUS was that you could not go down and land (or explore) the planets below the space stations where you were docked. And, while you can visit planetary surfaces and bases in Frontier Elite II, most all look the same and detail is limited to just around the spaceport. These places seem shallow after a while, lack satisfying depth and or a sense of complexity...
I have tried to address this problem (in my own small way) with a an -Elite like- FST simulation... ELITE PLUS, Planetside (Ep2). Here we combine elements of Elite Plus (E+) and Frontier Elite II (FE2) - while adding a healthy dose of FST powered "real world flying". The result - Ep2 provides a more dynamic simulated flight environment for E+/FE2 players looking to expand their game universe experiences into a new, yet familiar direction.
The simulation begins by starting you off in a "Constrictor" type aircraft - ready to fly at a runway atop a plateau. Around you is a settlement called: Discovery Base. You will find an assortment of Frontier style objects to explore if you taxi around (use the <> keys and low speed to view the scenery - and don't bump into the objects or you might decompress and explode).
Once you're off the ground you can fly across some interesting landscapes. Use the new Onboard Help System to learn more about the Ep2 World and where you can go... If you get lost, use the auto-pilot functions to head back to Discovery Base. Sector 01 includes craters, deep rill canyons and several nice mountain complexes. The Constrictor is actually tied to a flight model of an A6 Intruder - its rather interesting and a challenge to fly. See if you can make it safely back to base.
Be aware that this is a full featured flight simulation, complex with many controls - far more realistic than "goofing around" planets in FE2 or FFE. The world portrayed is a frozen ice planet, dark and mysterious. I am using some of the shapes I created for Elite Mars, but have also been busy creating some wonderful new ones.
To date, many elements are coming together. The Ep2 Scenario is written fact. This supplied the bridge from Elite Plus and Frontier Elite II to Elite Plus: Planetside. I hope you take the time to read it. Other developments include completion of the manual document ([README.HTM] within the program's directory ) and a more advanced front end executable. Also, the Ep2 Section continues to be updated and expanded. It's has turned into a major multi-year effort.
The below is a list of some of the activities you will be able to participate in with Ep2:

  • Fly Elite type craft modified for flight on New P8.
  • Defend bases and Zatinite deposits / mining sites.
  • Participate in air combat with other Elite type ships.
  • Destroy objects in ground attack.
  • Explore New P8 and help name its land features and bases.
  • Watch the story unfold, help solve the mysteries of New P8.
  • Go on cross terrain flights.
  • Watch the world expand and grow as I add to it.
  • Learn how to navigate New P8 with the use of VOR and NDB Nav aids.
  • Take unique screen grabs and use them to write and publish a
    webpage of your adventures on New P8!
  • Talk about your experiences with others in the Ep2 Forum
  • And much much more... Remember, your support, suggestions, and
    experiences can help build it.
Contact Cmdr. Mic regarding Elite Plus: Planetside

About FST: Flight Sim Toolkit

Flight Sim Toolkit is a 1993' released Simis/Domark Ltd. product. It is an extremely powerful and enjoyable suite of tools for the creation of flight simulations with little or no programming ability. You can find out much more about this wonderful product, its active eGroup, and download many interesting examples of others efforts at the FST Data Port.

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