Elite Mars is a program I "was" developing with FST (Flight Sim Toolkit) and several other rendering, animation, and utility tools. Currently, its in a late alpha state and has not been released. Unlike most other FST sims, it was to have an expandable and fully operative extensive front end.

Elite Mars takes place on Mars in the year 2175. It is a combination of a civilian (VOR & NDB navigation equipped), free form type sim (not unlike MSFS5.1); but has other components which are mission based or sector based with combative options. In other words, there will be launchable missions.

The heart of Elite Mars has(had) a lot to do with the realistic future Mars as created in the fiction of Kim Stanley Robinson, and mentioned above. There will be strange and interesting domed settlements to visit, industrial and research sites, exotic Mars topography and photo-realistic 3D maps, as well as a definite Martian geopolitical scheme. Oh did I forget to mention the Martian archeological sites... The idea is to create an interesting world for you to explore, work, and fly in; and a number of unique craft to do it in. At a later date, there may be "Off-World Transport" options, in which you can fly to a hovering carrier, and be transported to another planetary body or moon!

The Lost In Space, aspects of Elite Mars, have been added as a kind of goof, mainly because I still get a kick out of that lame show and watch way too much of the SciFi Channel. There are other aspects of the sim which have their inspirations in the ELITE series of games (like Frontier Elite II), and the novel called Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Well, all the above's future development and distribution is pretty much at a stand still and has been for some time... So - unfortunately, you cannot get ELITE MARS at your local retailer anytime soon...

Hope this answers your questions on ELITE MARS and thanks for your interest in the project.

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