Flight Data Log

Current Version:FDL ver. 3.00 Build 040 (uploaded 10 May 2000)

Cool Map Tube Graphic, Huh? Finally, a way to easily record your adventures across the cosmos. Want to play, but want to write as well? Want to share your experience with others but think it's just too much of a hassle to learn HTML? Want something fun and quick?

Imagine a standardized logbook format that ran you though the questions but left you space to add your own uniqueness. Something slick and easy. And the output should be useable by most anyone... That's FDL.

Below you can read the manual on-line in all its hyper-text glory. Or, simply download the full application in ZIP file format (106k - small). The manual is also included within the ZIP. Additionally, you may review a sample output from FDL.

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