Leaving Luyten 789-6

I must say, Luyten 789-6 was certainly beginning to feel like home to me. It was here that I wrote and finished Commander Mic's Logbook: Chapters Four and Five.   It was here, at places like Nakasome Starport on de Gaul's Hole... and even more so up at Biggs High: Orbital trading post that the Flight Data Log Program was conceived and developed.   Yes, it has been a long yet productive stay in this sleepy backwater "Downspin" system located at galactic coordinates: 0,-1; sys #2.     But, enough work now, travel and adventure await!

Luyten Marble Souvenir Before leaving Biggs, I took a final stroll down the concourse. There was a vendor selling souvenir marbles with Biggs High and de Gaul's Hole on them. Quite odd and unique, I picked one up to keep in my pocket. A nice way to remember a place. Have a look...

So, I think I will be on my way, using my creation (FDL) as I go... To continue the tale, see my:

Flight Data Log File

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