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   The most awesome modern FE2 type game you're probably not playing... but should be.

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Frontier / Elite players don't have to wait forever for the newest version of the game to come out. There is a wonderful and in some ways superior "Elite-like" product available...

TERMINUS Quick Info Center
What is it? It's FE2 in the Solar System.
Is it New? Nope, came out in 2000.
Does it have a Free Play mode like FE2? YES!
What about a Trading, Missions, Merc. work? YES!
I liked how Frontier used real star system names, not made up stuff... Gameplay is in our "real" Solar System. Very accurate!
Does it support Elite Type flight controls... (Ya'know; roll left, roll right, pull up, etc.) Roger.
Is there an Official Terminus Website? Click here...(or the Terminus Logo at the top of this page)
Surely it cannot have Asteroid Mining ? Wrong, it does - and its way cool!
I always wanted to custom color my ship... Not a problem.
I want to be able to have more than one ship at a time... You got it, Dude.
I love a big brick of a program manual... How does 195 pages of fine text hit ya?
Can I play it forever? Affirmative.
Are there any patches? Yes, the game is nicely supported at the Official Website.
Is the combat really tough? Feels just right and is adjustable.
What about a jump drive? Distance travel is via Vortex Gates.
I used to love the Cargo Scoop thing in Elite Plus... grabbing those canisters was a blast... Can the ships have Cargo Scoops? Correct-A-Mundo! And you can actually retrieve them... like in Elite Plus... Not like in FE2 where it was almost impossible.
Oh please, oh please... tell me there are planetary landings and bases... Nope. There are many bases to visit, but planetary landing are not possible. However, this is actually more realistic due to the fuel needs required to break orbit.
What about a multi-player mode? Yup, fully supported on the net...
What about real space flight physics and object behavior? Got it.
Is it complex to learn? About as complex as Frontier.
I hate manuals, is there a Tutorial Mode? Yes, a very nice series of lessons will get you going... but be a big boy and study the manual.
How come all my Elite buddies are not yaking about it? What do you think I'm doing here, Pal...
How are the graphics, I want to see some screen shots... Mind blowing... Look Here
How the background music? The songs in Frontier were quite inspirational... This thing has a seperate CD just for the sound track. The music is high quality, professional, and hauntingly beautiful.
I'd love to be able to make AVI movies of my game play adventures which I could share with others who didn't even have the game... You're in Business !
There is a big demo, should I download it? It's better to just get the game, the demo is quite incomplete and may discourage you. And, you need the manual...
What's not to like? Most of the commercial stations look the same, inside and out.
Is it an expensive product? Currently selling for under $10 US...
I'm gonna wait for Elite IV to come out... It's your loss.

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