Frontier Holiday Greeting Cards

Everyone knows that by 3200, snail mail has been dead for milleniums, however email greeting cards continue to be a custom. The quaint tradition, carried forward and outward from Old Earth and the Core Systems still ring in the holiday season from well wishers and loved ones throughout the colonized galaxy. Below is a couple of examples...

Happy Holidays

Here's a nice surpise for this inbound adder pilot to Olympus Village, on Mars. There's nothing like the multi-colored holiday lights of bio-genetically engineered evergreens to warm the heart of a returning commander on manual approach to the starport.

Home for Holidays

How thrilled this eagle pilot must have been when he surprised his wife, returning home for the holidays. And, she seemingly surprised him as well - with a beautifully decorated home complete with wreath and candles in the windows. Guess he decided to "land rough" right outside his front door at #10 Pathfinder Way. Mars really does it up big for the holidays - rumor has it many Martian homemakers are accused of being part elf. (I wonder if Santa uses a hydrogen or military hyperdrive in the sleigh?)

Why not stay around and listen to the rest of the song while you watch the candles - its relaxing. Already bored Scrooge? Well then just go ahead and return to the