Commander Mic's Logbook

EXTRACT III from my Personal Log.

Spruce on 5d Captain's Log
1814hrs 29 Apr 3201
Location: Landed Rough
Planet: Fomalhaut 5d (moon of Fomalhaut 5)
System: Fomalhaut
Log system booted, voice to text conversion commences...

So, as I was saying... that manual landing sequence onto this rock gave me the shakes a bit more than I thought and that radio signal - popping up way the hell out here - just weird. Stranger still, that transmission was down in the 400 khz bandwidth - nobody has used frequencies so low to transmit data in centuries... And, it seemed to have an odd way of going silent as soon as I'd lock onto it.

Suddenly, the idea of being landed here seemed wrong. All wrong. I got uncomfortable in my seat, crossed boots and started rubbing them together. I began to feel like I might sweat. Yeah, it was a mistake. Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do... and this was one of those occasions. Guess I’m more of a believer in stupidity than fate. I had to relax for a few, have a belt, and assess the situation.

It was time to bring out a sailor's portion... or two! A hidden map compartment under my navigation console, held Spruce’s most precious cargo (after yours truly of course) - a couple of bottles of Sol's finest rum. In a special motion dampened and sensor shielded box, they remained safe from harm, even in the worst dogfights. The compartment's latch and seal is totally concealed - so it goes unnoticed by customs officials - a very good thing. After a second gulp, I was a bit more relaxed, or at least better as the smooth warmth lite my chest.

I thought it over... The best thing to do is blast out of here - now - This could even be a trap and it's for sure none of my business - whatever it is... I guess I could wake up Joey and get his opinion on it... Nope - I don't think I want to hear him break into his high pitched frantic whine when he learns the details of the situation. Besides, I had to get the guy back to Conversion and down to Francis Spaceport before he loses his job.

I straightened back up in my seat, went though a quick system check and was ready to hit the launch key, when the com panel lit up - locked hard on the ghost signal, and downloaded and played the data...

MB4 Beacon The transmission was coming from an old MB4 Mining unit located almost on the other side of the planet. The message repeated over and over several times, then cut out. In garbled audio It said,

"Help me Obey-wan Canobee, you're my only hope".

I had another slug of rum. "Hmmm", I said, "who would’ve put a distress message into a mining unit? How’d it end up in this place?" Then I thought, I must have heard it wrong. I had never run into anyone called Obey-wan, and never heard of a last name like Canobee. I burped loud once, then had another sip. I had another listen to the playback... then a final swish... Yeah, I was relaxed. I put the bottle back in its compartment after carefully screwing on the cap.

I took a moment. All of a sudden my pilot’s couch seemed comfortable again. I hadn’t noticed, but I’d stopped rubbing my boots together. Then I thought, perhaps it wasn't the name "Obey - wan Canobee" at all - but the name "Dopey Jon Bon Jovi" I heard. Yeah, that's it. Now I've meet a lot’s a people who are 'dopey' and have certainly heard of the name ‘Joe’, I mean... ahh, 'Jon' before. Jon Bon Jovi I ran this name, Jon Bon Jovi, through my computer's encyclopedia's search analysis program and it gave me an obscure reference to some late 20th century Earth rock singer... The entry had picture of some smiling goober and a sample of his music attached to it - I gave a listen... not exactly my taste to say the least! The whining was worst than a freshly awakened Joe Delos!

I certainly didn't want to get involved with anyone who’s into 1200 year old bad rock music or some ancient rock teen cult worship thing. I tell'ya, it just keeps getting weirder and weirder out here...

With guiltless abandon, I threw my head back against the headrest and hit the launch button - good riddens to the signal, whatever it was. It never pays to be too curious anyway...

Gee, will Mic ever get Joey to Conversion? And, does this guy ever leave the sauce along? Find out by reading Chapter Four. CAUTION: Chapter Four is B-I-G. For for "Bluebird" readers only....

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