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January 2005: Frontier Films, Ltd. has been recently acquired by Nouveau Lockheed Studios. Look for new and exciting changes coming along soon...

Nouveau Lockheed Studios

Hello. Here at Frontier Films Ltd., we will be featuring a variety of new digital films concerning happenings in and about the Frontier Elite II Universe. To view any of our films you will have to download and install the player (a DOS application) and also the film(s) you would like to see. Don't worry, it's free and easy ...and files are super compact - so they're quick to download.

All Frontier Films are produced with a unique retro-programming software tool/program called "Stunt Island" (released in 1992 by Disney Software). You do not need to have Stunt Island or know anything about it to view these films - but you do need the player. All users should unzip the player into a new directory or folder called NEWPLAYR and read the text files enclosed, including the file FRONTFLM.TXT.

Download Player (188k)

Zeaex Power and Light presents...
Our first offering is a small totally boring public utilities produced piece. (Hey, they pay good and we needed to try out some new equipment while we were here.) The film concerns the commissioning of a new fusion power generating facility on Democracy in the Zeaex system (-3,2,#2) and has political undertones. This is a silent short. Running time: 1.5 minutes. Zip file size: 26k. Film file name: ZEAEX1.FLM

Commander Mic Tests New Elite Viper Mk. V
Now here is our first decent piece with just a tad of editing. See exciting spot craft exterior and in cockpit footage of a new Elite Viper Mk. V prototype on an atmospheric test flight at an undisclosed location.This film has great digital sounds (for those of you who can hear it - read frontflm.txt). Running time: 2.1 minutes. Zip file size: 93k. Film file name: ELITE221.FLM.

Note: Frontier Films is in its infancy. As we are a non-profit group we depend on you! Show you care and appreciate these efforts. Please send us your comments and suggestions. Write Frontier Films today!

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