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  FS4 GRAPHICS - Album 00
   A small preview of night flying with subLogic's USA Scenery Collection when used with FS4
Last Updated: October 1st, 2007
FS4 Screen Grab
   Many FS4 users never got to experience FS4 with subLogic's USA Scenery Collections (East & West). Within this subLogic product, night flying is spectacular as seen above. The USA Scenery Collection added thousands of airports, nav aids, and many scenery details. As with other FS4 base scenery files, custom SC1 scenery files can be built atop subLogic USA Scenery Collection, but it requires a very careful usage of DOS memory to leave room.
FS4 Screen Grab
   Buzzing the field at Van Nuys Airport (VNY). Notice the fine detail to the taxiway light system. subLogic's USA Scenery Collection also came with an impressive collection of color maps, support programs, and provided tight integration into FS4; as well as ATP (Airline Transport Pilot).
FS4 Screen Grab
   Another Stunning shot over southern California within subLogic's USA Scenery Collection (West). Does night flying even in the most modern version of MS Flight Simulator come close to rivaling the beauty of this? The USA set requires a faster vintage system to perform well with FS4; at least a DX2-66 or DX4-100. When used within DOSBox on a modern platform, DOSBox will have to be adjusted upward to provide "less slowing"!


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