This site serves as an archive and tribute for all things pertaining to FS4 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0b w/Add-Ons).
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  • VAULT1.TXT (43 bytes)
  • PKUNZIP.EXE (29,378 bytes)
  • FS4-QRF.TXT (286 bytes)
  • FLTSIM4.ZIP (1,497,457 bytes)
  • FS4B.ZIP (390,110 bytes)
  • FS4MIC.ZIP (2,993,477 bytes)
  • FS4NOTES.TXT (3,813 bytes)
  • FS4-QRF1.JPG (825,463 bytes)
  • FS4-QRF2.JPG (810,731 bytes)
Files within this directory are displayed in simple directory structure. Right click and "Save Target As" to download. Please READ all the provided *.TXT files as they contain valuable information. Below is an amended copy of FS4NOTES.TXT also found in the directory for download.
What's in the directory?
In this directory, you will find three great versions of FS4.
Version one is the last (bare) FS4 that was released: FS4.0B. This is in a simple zip file. download this file to your computer. Make a directory call FS4b. Move the file to that Directory.
Also, download the provided version of PKUNZIP.EXE. Put PKUNZIP.EXE also in that directory for simplicity sake.
Drop to VDM (Virtual DOS mode) prompt... if you are in WIN95/98 or if you are serious about using FS4... you should be running DOS6.22 on a 486DX2-66 with and ISA motherboard, and good old 8 or 16 Bit Soundblaster card (SB1.5,2.0, or PRO preferred.)
In.. DOS7.1 w/Win98 and newer systems, you can get sound with aSoundBlaster Live Value PCI 1024 card with the SB16 Emulation software installed... but, timing with this program is less than satisfying. There are other options if you have an ISA to PCI bridge in your system such as found on old (circa 1999) DELL GX1s, etc. In that case, a Soundblaster Vibra 16 (CT2800) would work rather well if the DOS drivers are loaded in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
Unzip the file with the command syntax below:
Note, make sure your run through the start up questions with FS, not FS4 (you can use that after the first run through).
Also, in this directory is a "pristine" the FS4 holy grail...
FS40b and ASD and SGA v1.5b and AAF - this is FS4 with all the add-ons goodies! Note, there are sub-directories in the archive, so you MUST use the below syntax when unzipping...
(As above, put the file and PKUNZIP in a separate directory you make called: FLTSIM4.)
Unzip and recurse directories with the following command line syntax:
pkunzip -d
Again, start via FS, not FS4 - so as to go through the start up menus. This version has the standard high res drivers for VGA chipset - 640 x 400. There are other drivers if you have a legacy older video card supporting TSENG ET4000 to 800 x 600, and 256 VGA 640 x 400 with shading and gradient sky for ATI Mach 32 (these are not included.)
Once in the program, go to Menu 1 and configure the sound option (k), to match your system. Usually, pick Interrupt 5, Adlib for sound, PC speaker for digital (use these settings to start..)
NEW Addition: FS4MIC.ZIP
This file is a merge between by my personal long running legacy edition with lots of goodies of version of FS4 --AND-- the raw fully upgraded copy of FS4 above as in
The result is a 640 x 400 (M) running resolution selection version of FS4 that seems to run acceptable under DOSBOX 0.63 on an XP laptop. It will also run in VDM DOS under Windows 98 without much trouble. FS4 will support higher resolution on pure DOS or compatible systems (not included here.)
This copy has lots of great stuff. Several Scenery areas, custom Adventures, (fly with Cristy Alley - when she was thin... and other stuff). There are also quite a few aircraft to check ride, neat custom scenery areas, the list is endless... A life time of work... Please enjoy!!
The Startup is now in my usual location - Livermore, CA. Fly west to fly into another SC1 area covering the Bay area. Also, looks great at night - but fly in the late afternoon first. Run the provided adventures from LVK (Livermore).
Happy Flying...
p.s. I have probably one of the most extensive, still existing, collection of FS4 files on the planet - planes, apps, etc. If you ever want any more personal support than what is here... please remember, I am a computer consultant... so some form of compensation is usually appropriate.


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