This site serves as an archive and tribute for all things pertaining to FS4 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0b w/Add-Ons).
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   Download a few samplings of available aircraft, scenery, utilities, etc. for use with FS4.
Enter FS4 Webport LIB 02 Archive (All Users)
This library contains just a taste of hard to find FS4 files available here at the FS4 Webport. To access "all" the files of this nature please visit Library 03 (LIB 03).
Files within this directory are displayed in simple directory structure. Right click and "Save Target As" to download. Most files are in ZIP format. Information on the file contents are usually provided in the zip and end in *.TXT or *.DOC. Note that most of these *.DOC files are not MS word formatted files (the DOC extension was often used back in DOS days to denote a document -i.e. text file.) It is surprising how much information is inside some of these little zips. The zip file name will usually give you an excellent idea of what the file contains...


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