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   Download Aircraft Adventure Factory (AAF), the AAF Manual PDF, and FS4 custom built with subLogic USA EAST / WEST Scenery installed.
This new library contains a bevy of goodies. If you are interested in building or modifiying Aircraft Adventure Factory planes.... this library PACK it for you. Its rather large at nearly 29 meg, but contains a full-sized PDF of the Aircraft Adventure Factory Manual. Study of this document is essential to get a handle on building planes in the Windows based Aircraft Factory module, as well as an important section on writing cool Adventures. The entire (Basic like), Adventure Module and language are nicely addressed here. The potential is limited only by your imagination as to what you can create with the Adventure Factory.
The other primary component is a special custom build of FS4, with all the add-ons loaded, but then subLogic's massive USA Scenery Collection is integrated as well. Both USA East and USA West are available. Flying with USA scenery, especially at night is very impressive and just darn pretty. I do believe you will be quite impressed flying over the cities at night! For further info. on the above, you can check out a copy of the enclosed help document (MICNOTE.TXT), which you can review here.
NOTE A: Supporting Users can download the entire LIB 04 AAF / USA Pack as one massive zip file right here: FS4LIB04.ZIP
NOTE B: If you are having trouble running FS4 with subLogic USA scenery - UNDER DOSBox, please download this updated (03/36/2012) - customised and tested version: FS4USADB.ZIP
Files within these zips must be unzipped to with proper directory structure. Right click and "Save Target As" to download links. Information on the file contents are usually provided in the zip and end in *.TXT or *.DOC. Note that most of these *.DOC files are not MS word formatted files (the DOC extension was often used back in DOS days to denote a document -i.e. text file.)
Note: LIB 04 open to: Supporting Users Only... (Hey, if this alone isn't worth a stinkin' 9 bucks - I don't know what is! (Click "Support" above for details and get immediate access following your kind donation).


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