This site serves as an archive and tribute for all things pertaining to FS4 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0b w/Add-Ons).
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This is a new "General Purpose" Supporting Users Library Area.
Current Contents:
  • 800 x 600 Resolution Display Driver Package for FS4 with complete instructions and additional documentation. Filename: SGA800.ZIP
Come on in and get the above: here.
Files within these zips must be unzipped to with proper directory structure. Right click and "Save Target As" (in I.E.) or "Save Links As" in beloved Firefox - to download files. Information on the file contents are usually provided within the zip and end in *.TXT or *.DOC. Note that most of these *.DOC files are NOT MS word formatted files (the DOC extension was often used back in DOS days to denote a document -i.e. text file.)
Note: LIB 05 open to: Supporting Users Only... (I know, its annoying - this "pay to gain access" thing again, huh? Yeah - but like this addition alone has taken me hours to test, set up, package, code, document, upload, etc. And in essense, I'm am doing it for YOU, so - give me a break, show you care bit [grin]. (Click "Support" above for details and get immediate access following your kind donation).


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