This site serves as an archive and tribute for all things pertaining to FS4 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0b w/Add-Ons).
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FS4 / Microsoft Flight Simuator 4 Web Links: (updated: September 24th, 2013)
FS4 Webport Hey, you're here! The best place on the net for all things pertaining to Microsoft Flight Simuator 4. Learn about FS4; find and download hard to find FS4 files, meet and share with other FS4 enthusiasts.

My Abandonware: Microsoft Flight Simulator (4.0) Okay, not sure if FS4 is right for you? I understand. You can download a basic version of the program completely free right here and give it a go... (Umm, sorry - I can't vouch for the quality and or authenticity of those files; but I can, mine. ;-)

FS4 Webport Forum at Yahoo Groups Why fly alone? Join the fun and meet other FS4 users at the Yahoo Groups hosted: FS4 Webport Forum.

MobyGames FS4 Entry MSFS4 at MobyGames. A small review and some additional screen shots taken in EGA 640 x 350 mode (better looking shots here...)

FS4 at Wiki A Wikipedia Section detailing Microsoft Flight FS4 and its Add-Ons, written by yours truly. The section is part of a page detailing the complete history of MS Flight Simulator.

Czech Flight Simulator History Website Neat site on the development of Microsoft Flight Simulator. A complete history to the present, arranged in a comprehensive fashion.

DOSBox Going to run FS4 under Windows XP, Linux, etc. Get your free copy of DOSBox and get flying!

Moslo DOS/Windows Slowdown Utility Absolutely, the best ever programmed DOS/Windows slowdown software on the planet. And, it continues to be improved! Visit the Moslo site and review the variety of Mo'Slo variants available, one for your every need. A great, must have, program for any vintage software user!

FS4 Video 1 YouTube video of FS4 (running in DOSBox 0.70) showing program operation and a buzzing of the Golden Gate Bridge (a little fuzzy and chopping but still fun).

FS4 Video 2 Another like above video of an FS4 custom created a/c, Octo-4b in flight above the Livermore Valley, CA.

FS4 Video 3 FS4 ILS to Baffin Island Base. Here is a DoxBox capture showing FS4.0b w/ASD running . Shows an ILS EFIS nighttime approach to this snow covered secret base. Aircraft is the Gates Lear Jet. Conversion to streaming video is a little fuzzy, but interesting.

FS4 Video 4 Really nice little vid (Created Sept. 18th, 2013) showing FS4 running in 800 x 600 resolution mode with advanced cockpit panel. Take off from Meigs and fly around, then land. Gives a good feel of basic FS4 - but does not showcase SC1 scenery files.


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