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"All I ask is a starship, and space to steer her by..."
In game graphics with comment.

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Intro. Sequence Trailblazer & Base Aliens, Etc.
Note: There are a lot of graphics on this page, so it may take a minute to completely load, perhaps longer for those of you folks still on dial-up...

Introduction Sequence
Self running animation.

There is an impressive animation at the beginning of Hyperspeed, where you as the captain are briefed by these two guys who are animated and project information on your review screen for you...
First comes the information on your ship: The Trailblazer. The ship is monstrous in size: 11,200' long!
Next, Information on your missiles. These are cool as they can be configured as kamikazes or fighters (both of which can be retrieved).
Here the info. on the Fighter. Its a lot of fun to fly around the Trailblazer! Do this in a system with no contacts. Its quite enjoyable just to fly around for a while.
Home base... your port in a storm so to speak. You will be coming back to here quite a bit in the early part of the game.
Getting the low down on Broodmaster ships...
Data on Cicesbeo craft...
Didinium Warship! Look out for these scumbag jellyfish...
Lutin Rover. Hey, I like bugs - I even have SimAnt!
Stentor craft. ... Usually found in a whole gaggle. Combat takes a while with this/these guys. Pop'em at long range; or, find the secret base and be surprised!
Athdalde. Who? These guys are new to Hyperspeed. Weird and big fellows... so says the manual. More later.
Jot Dtri Battlecruisers are eeeUge! Not in the Hyades cluster.
Vorc are nothing like that little thing in Farscape...
Automata Cruiser. "Resistance is futile... we are the Automata ??" Dunno... if that is the case - haven't meet'em yet.
Once the briefing is over, you head for your ship. Again - there is a very nice animation. The scale is absolutely HUGE in this game. The yellow light illuminates the area of the catwalk you are walking through as you go...
Going aboard - yes, the yellow speck is you on the lower catwalk (it moves in the game) - pretty clever use of animated graphics! (You can learn a lot from looking at these old games...).
"Open the pod-bay doors Hal..." Then, you are on your way!

Your Ship & Base
details on the Trailblazer and Space Station

Entering your cockpit for the first time you are graced by the names of the creators. All hail Sandy and Andy, what a fabulous effort! Thanks so much guys...
One of the first things you must do is take out the pesky little ship. Just blast it with the main gun, no biggy to fight. Then you are along in your craft.
Pressing the E key takes you to the Engine room... and what a cool place it is. There are four bays and a hold area. Its wonderfully animated, everything works!
Pressing the N key bring up the Navigation display. The map spins around in 3D and can be adjusted using the arrow keys. You use the < > to move the nav destination point through the various possible system destinations. Note the fuel usage for the trip is displayed on the left.
Pressing the C key brings up the Colony Status screen. Here you can see how you are doing as far as overall progress in the mission. This is quite helpful.
Here's a nice view of a fighter, taken from the Trailblazer cockpit. You jump from different ships via the spacebar. Fighters are small (390m) relative to the Trailblazer (3400m x 2960m).
The spacebar also takes you to the Blaster Turret on the Trailblazer. If you like that scene in Star Wars where Luke and Hans are blasting away in the MilleniumFalcon, you'll love this seat. "Don't get cocky, kid" - Hans Solo.
Here's the reverse: the Trailbazer as seen from the fighter... I had to fly way out and turn around to get this shot.
A great shot of the fighter, as seen from the cockpit of a kamikaze. You can have up to four chassis active at any one time and switch between them!
Here's a view of the fighter and the Trailblazer, from a kamikaze far above. Notice the scale of the fighter to the Trailblazer!
Another shot from a bit farther away. The 3D space bubble for combat seems quite large... plenty of room.
One more look. Probably the best grab of the set...
Pressing the S key engages the Spindrive; it whirls up making a cool hum sound. You spin down when you enter your destination or encounter another ship who attacks you in hyperspace.
Pressing the H key on the Nav screen targets home - the robotic space station. After completing your jump you are inbound to the station and on automatic control (aka - animated sequence.)
Once back at the station you are fueled and some additional data disks are put on board. Also, you are reloaded with mining complexes and missle chassis.

Aliens, Etc.
Aliens, alien ships, trading, and more...

In hyperspace you can often meet other ships. Not all ships you encounter will pick a fight with you. Its up to you whether you want to engage in combat when YOU run across them. This ship in the holo-display is a Broodmaster patrol cruiser.
If you enter a system colonized by Broodmasters, you will come to a stop at their space station.
Sometimes there are ships flying around or on station near an alien base. You can get a good look at them often from the Blaster Turret Bay - but don't hit the trigger by mistake!
Here we are meeting with a Broodmaster (the black blob in the background) accompanied by insectoid broodlings. Remember, the images you are seeing are from a planet in a system and relayed through the station or ships.
Not sure who this was... sometimes its best not to stop and look for trouble! I kept going but snagged this shot of him in the holoviewer.
All in system exploration and communication begins with a probe launch via the... you guessed it: P key. (Its nice when game play controls make sense - huh?)
If the system in uninhabited, you are free to claim its planets resources via your mining complexes. You can only carry 3, so you might have to go back to the base to get more.


Okay, lets take a little trip, shall we?
Upon entering the system we are greeted with this strange sight...
Look at those cool red ships zipping around. I think I will go have a look from the Blaster Turret...
Yeah, interesting design (Spock voice), perhaps I should consult my spiffy manual for additional details. Of course, I could always launch a probe...
Sorry, I could not resist. Probe away Sir!
Well, this looks interesting... guess I have some choices to make. Perhaps I should get back to my game...


Okay, Okay - one more lil'trip!
Look, an all new mystery... new ships too. Perhaps some new friends, or not!
Time to ring the door bell again... Whoosh
Are these guys weird or what! Wait to you hear their haunting music! (Actually, the Fel can be nice to have around, to be sure...)

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