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"All I ask is a starship, and space to steer her by..."
Tasty sniglets from the Trailblazer's "Owner's Guide"

Technical Specs
Getting nit picky on details...

One item that appears to be a bit of a goof in the box and ad documentation is the length of the Trailblazer. While these sources state the Trailblazer is 15,000 feet long: page 66 of the manual gives us the exact Technical Specifications in section 6.1.2:
"Your ship Is a Trailblazer class interstellar dreadnought. The main hull is 3400 meters long (11,200 feet), and 2960 meters wide (7,700 feet). Built at the Tycho Spaceworks of the Lunar democratic State, it belongs to the second-largest class of starfaring vessels built by humankind, eclipsed in size only by the immense Conestoga colony transports."

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