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Initial Argos Colony built as Uranium / He3 Mine
Many of late have been asking, "What's happen to the Moon Base Argos project?" Indeed, the whole endeavor seems to have become shrouded in secrecy. Here is the story from Independent World News (IWN) correspondent, Todd Gack...
    After the large down turn of the global economy, much of the funding that was scheduled and approved for Moon Base Argos was withdrawn following the Emergency World Summit of last March. With only a fraction of the money remaining, the Euro Space Agency (ESA) has turned to private backing to complete their needs for the project.
    Enter into the fray the mysterious entity of: Hecate Industries; this Wheeling, West Virginia (USA) based mining concern; which seems to have exceedingly deep pockets and a stunch desire to keep much of their new lunar based operations as "low key" as possible.
   While a visit to the base was not allowed by Hecate, they were happy to report the following facts (as well as supply the above photo).
    Within little more than a year's time, Hecate has a substanial operation up and running; the ESA has little to no control over the ongoings. To keep costs down, much of Moon Base Argos's original design has been scrapped in favor of a more compact and cost effective initial layout. Currently, Hecate reports Argos is comprised of 18 structures centered around one mine. First year profits ran up to an astounding 308 tons of Helium Ore and 315 tons of Uranium; yeilding an income of nearly 20 million euros.
   The company spokesperson stated that once Argos's first mine begins to run dry, much of the existing layout would be converted to more academic or "alternate" uses.
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