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"Greetings Commander. You ship has successfully docked. Berthing fee is 4 credits per day. Please follow along for the tour..."
Here on the orbital platform, you can learn a bit more about this web site... before going "planetside". Have a good look around. Some areas are highly detailed and receive frequent updates (others are dusty and olde)!
There are a few ways to navigate this site, either via the menu below, or from the entry index pages (you probably just came from and which you can return to with a click on the big blue planet in the upper left corner). Thanks for coming and please enjoy your visit.


This site grew out of my old "Ourworld" homepage on Compuserve, way back in 1997. Its developed and expanded (rather organically over the years), and now serves as somewhat of an on-line portfolio of my interests (current and past), and my website creation abilities and style. The place is just a one man show... I still hand code all the hypertext, create the graphics, and write the content (sorry for a typo or two - I seem to not see them). Here you'll find review, comment, and help articles I have written, along with a dabbling of creative writing and whimsy. Additionally, you will find complete PC programs I have coded and compiled - these are available for free download.
However, as time goes by, this site has developed more and more of a focus on showcasing and supporting a collection of unique and impressive older PC games. While such software may sometimes require its own vintage PC platform to run correctly... these programs are still very worthwhile and enjoyable to use - and remain relatively unsurpassed by today's software developers' efforts. Recently, newer versions of an 8088 PC emulator, called DOSBox, have come along quite nicely; thus providing a decent level of "Old DOS" support on various newer platforms and operating systems. Thus, many near abandoned older programs are now being rediscovered by a whole new generation of users.

Golden Era PC Games, Vintage Software, Why They Count!For those who are unfamiliar with PC games, simulations, and their development, or for those who think: "games are for kids"... Please kindly review my commentary: Golden Era PC Games, Vintage Software - Why They Count!


Clik here to learn more about Frontier Elite II This is an old section which once contained a large amount of my creative energy. The content of the section center around a program or special simulator which is a world - no, make that a galaxy - unto itself. The area provides support and generates interest for an outstanding program which combines flight simulation with space exploration, trading, and adventure... If you are unfamiliar with this program you can find out more information by clicking on the FE2 logo graphic above.

The bulk of the FE2 Section is located in a virtual drinking establishment. If you are Elite Commander you may wish to skip the introduction and go directly to the...

Pilot's Lounge

Primary sub-areas under the Frontier Elite II Section include:

Hyperspeed Base: Space simulation and adventure at its finest.
MS Space Simulator Central: Info. and support for best space sim ever created.
TERMINUS: A newer replacement for FE2.
Elite Plus: Planetside: An Elite-like science fiction flight simulation (in development).
Commander Mic's Logbook: A collection of illustrated Elite fiction.
Flight Data Log Program - FDL: A program to assist writing about FE2 gameplay.
Elite Mars: A program concept I developed in 1995.
Moon Base Argos: Lunar development fiction.
Mic's Musings: Mic jabbers on various space related topics.


Flight Sims Section I have been into flight simulations since 1979 or so... there's been quite a bit of change since then! This sub-menu provides a corral to non-spaceflight related flight simulation products discussed here...

Explore 3D VR Spaces in Virtualand This area involves VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) viewers and models for download. Also provides information and support for associated software.

MS Space Simulator Sub-Section While this section is featured as a sub-section off the Pilot's Lounge, it is in fact, its own area... Learn about the best space simulator, ever created.

HYPERSPEED BASE As above, this is another complete area off the Pilot's Lounge, showcasing a unique program in the space simulation genre: Hyperspeed is a 1991 Microprose product which blends role playing, space simulation, space combat, and trading in a seamless and highly enjoyable fashion.

Visit Virtual Reality Studio - Resource. Supporting  Incentive Software  & Domark's classic game building utility: Virtual Reality Studio Ever want to create your own 3D program, but without the hassle of learning C/C++ code? Virtual Reality Studio - Resource gives you the tools and support to make it happen. This section makes available and supports: Domark's classic game building utility program: Virtual Reality Studio, developed by Incentive Software in 1991.


Flight Sim ToolkitFrontier Elite IIHyperspeedInternet Space Builder 3.0Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0bMicrosoft Space SimulatorPrivateer 2: The DarkeningTerminusStunt IslandVirtual Home Space Builder (VHSB)Domark's Virtual Reality Studio

Boating I greatly enjoy boats and activities by the seashore. In fact, I'm usually never far from the water; thus I've developed this little boating area.
Website News For news on the changes to this site, and a chronicle of its evolution.
Go to my olde secondary storage section once at Earthlink


Mic's On-Line Resume
Hi, I'm Mic Healey (aka Commander Mic). If you're interested in getting to know your host a bit you can check out my public web resume by clicking on my picture at left.
Why, yes... I do indeed work as a
Computer Consultant
You can also scope out my blog:
CmdrMic's Communicator

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