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FST ZEPSIM (ver.01)

Pilot a beautiful zeppelin across azure blue skies. Visit distant Islands and strange lands... Fight or explore - its up to you. Historical component on Wake Island! ExperienceTITLEered history.
Click (here) for ZepSim01: automated Slide Show 01.

ZepSim Quick Info Center
What is ZepSim01? A stand alone flight simulation program which has been created with Domark / Simis's Flight Sim Toolkit program suite. If you are interested in flying a zeppelin like craft, you may enjoy this. Much attention is being focused on pushing FST's aging (but still unsurpassed) abilities. Currently on stand-by... (not available for download at this time).
What are the requirements for ZepSim program?
  • Windows 98 thru XP
  • Joystick recommended.
  • Please be sure to read readme file for complete details.
  • Note: this is not a commercial program. User assumes all responsibility and liability for use.

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