Mic Healey
email address: mic@planetmic.com
website: www.planetmic.com

  • Computer Consultant / Educator / Writer / Programmer / Project Manager
  • Advanced detailed expertise with small computers and their applications for government, educational, and business purposes (MSDOS, PCDOS, OS/2, Win3.1, Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT/2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux) based platforms).
  • Excellent teaching and communication skills.
  • Software development, implementation, training, integration.
  • Hardware assembly, testing, system design/creation, configuration, & management.
  • Skilled in graphic arts creation and design: various paint and animation software suites, web graphics, web page layout, multimedia designs - presentations and implementation.
  • Computer Programming experience in: QBasic/QuickBasic, Visual Basic, C/C++, Turbo C/C++, MS Visual C++, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, DOS batch files
  • Full website development and implementation services.
  • Entertainment and educational/business software design, creation, and beta testing.
  • 3D flight simulation creation, 3D CAD polygon design.
  • "Retro-gaming" / classic simulations enthusiast
  • Computer hardware & software instruction and technical support.
  • Dependable. Personable. Creative. Imaginative. Dedicated.
  • Outstanding teaching ability with very broad knowledge base.
  • Extensive office and project management experience.
  • Experienced writer: various subject matter - including computer software and hardware technical review, technical manuals, product reviews, website content.


Computers, All things nautical (boats), Astronomy, Aviation/Space flight,
History, Science & Nature, Electronics, Writing, Construction.


M.A.T. (Masters in Teaching) Education
B.A. Electronic Media Communications / Computer Science
Certified Instructor
(Additional post degree course work).

General Employment Summary

01/93 - Present: Computer Consultant, a.k.a. Nouveau Lockheed, Ltd., various contracts.
07/97 - 10/99: Contract: Implement office management, production, and development procedures (Steel Industry).
1/92 - 9/97: Contract: develop real estate title examiner software, procedures, testing (Land Title Insurance).
09/92- 03/96: Contract: install computer technology and train personnel. (Public Schools).
12/91 - 6/92: Contract: develop and implement computer lab prototype classroom curriculum - 4th/5th Grade Elementary School Teacher (Public Schools).
09/91 -12/91: Contract: implement computer lab for primary elementary special education classroom (Public Schools).
10/87 - 9/89: Contract: Implement and train emergency room admitting & reception personnel with computer equipment and software.
11/85 - 9/87: Contract: Develop software and train Inside Sales /Customer Service personnel (Metals Industry).
05/84-10/87: Contract: Develop software and train Inside Sales /Customer Service personnel (Metals Industry).
11/82 - 4/84: Office Manager (Astronomy & Astrophotography Firm) Develop computer based business system.
08/81 -10/82: Contract: Data Programmer. Develop and implement software for bank reconciliation.

Computer Consulting Services