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   Welcome to PlanGen
PlanGen: The Planetary System Generator is a program being developed by Mic Healey. PlanGen generates information on planetary systems around stars using a unique and reproduceable algorithm. The result is you can type in the name of any bright star or real star within 50 light years and find out what "might be" in that particular system as far as number and types of planets, moons, asteroid belts, etc. Detail information can be called up on each planet. This includes information on more than 150 star systems.
Additionally, within 50 to 150 light years, you may enter a generation number between 1 and 32767 to create an "Elite" type system. The program will generate a classic Frontier Elite II type name, as well as spectral class; then create the system for you to explore via the planetary detail pages. Thus, via this routine, an additional 32000+ systems are available to explore.

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