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MS Space Simulator inspired the generation of not only an exemplary manual text, but no less than three additional books as well! Together, they form a substantial body of truly wonderful support material which, if acquired, will greatly assist you and enjoying and fully utilizing this awesome product...
Star Pilot's Guide
One of the most important reasons for searching for and acquiring a boxed copy of the product, is to procure the exceedingly important and well written manual. The 230 page soft bound "Star Pilot's Guide", superbly edited by Lynn Guthrie, it is an excellent teaching resource for a product which otherwise could be rather daunting. The manual helps users get the most out of Space Simulator, while approaching subject matter in a very readable manner. This book is simply a must have for any serious user.
Space Simulator: The Official Strategy Guide!
The "official companion text" offered for sale beside the box ($19.95 U.S.). This 236 page text written by Rick Barba and published by Prima Publishing (1994) helps users deepen their general knowledge of space travel, while utilizing Space Simulator. The book is divided into two parts: Part I provides a three chapter background on space flight; Part II provides tutorials, three extended scripted missions - complete with story lines. Barba continues with the refreshing writing style of friendly, hand-on documentation and walkthough tutorials, similar to the format used with the Star Pilot's Guide.
Adventures In Space Simulator
The Ultimate Desktop Astronaut's Guide, by Grant Fjermedal: published by Microsoft Press (1994). I saw the ad for this book, in the back of the Star Pilot's Guide - when it first got Space Simulator; but it was not until years later that I obtained a copy of this - the most beautiful of all the MS Space Simulator texts. It contains a stunning, quality printed, full color on heavy weight paper - 245 pages of graphics, screen grabs, and invaluable insights into the product. Fjermadal does a fantastic job of not only conveying the excitement, beauty, uniqueness, and down right fun of Space Simulator; he also goes well beyond other texts with insider info. on the programmers and developers - as he spent more than two years following the project.
Space Simulator Strategies and Secrets
Finally we come to the last book in the series - which is easily the most advanced of the bunch. This text, written by Nick Dargahi and published by Sybex, Inc. in 1995, delves deep into Space Simulator; in the process teaching the user about -real- space flight mechanics and how to accomplish them with the product. If you think you have a good bachelor's degree comprehension of the workings of Space Simulator, Dargahi is ready to put you through the Masters program. This highly useful text goes from simulator controls to advance math. Happily, the author continued his zest for the project - publishing a new version of this book which was available in full color CD Adobe format.


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Here is a good overview of MS Space Simulator
This is a must have for all the keyboard controls. Save and print... Great help for beginners and advanced users.
Keyboard Controls Sheet
Here are some rather interesting technical notes from Microsoft (circa 1994) concerning the product.
Tech Notes

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