This site serves as an archive and tribute for all things pertaining to FS4 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0b w/Add-Ons).
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Sept. 24th, 2013
Hi guys, the 800 x 600 driver set, along with complete instructions is now up and available for download over in new Supporting Users Library 05. The Links Page has been updated, a few formatting updates, and also a tiny chirp of chat over at the forum is happening now. (You know, the forum works best when people actually talk... (ahem - not just me, so please log in - here and say something for Pete sake!
Sept. 14th, 2013
Okay, I've been messing with FS4 again a bit lately... And I'am very happy (delighted actually) to report I currently have it running (with relatively few hiccups) in DoxBOX 0.74 at: 800 x 600 resolution! This is using a special SGA Upgrade 1.5b driver set for the Tseng ET4000 video card. Interestingly, DosBOX 0.74 can support (i.e. - provide emulation for) this card directly if activated via the DosBOX config file: "dosbox-.074.conf". Looking under this option I found: "machine", and there - changed the default from: machine=svga_s3 to machine=svga_et4000. With this changed and the file saved, I could then use the special FS4 high resolution SGA Tseng Driver set... and POOF! In a word - its AMAZING! Just see the pic and vid link page below for the rest of the story. And oh, and the 800 x 600 Tseng driver comes with its own BAO designed and built custom advanced functionality cockpit panel. Yeah. Its awesome - FS4 never looked so good!


Yep, that YouTube vid is a bit blurry isn't it! Is FS4 blurry like that? HELL NO. Its sharp as a tack, as in the pic above (click it for the full resolution). Now if you want to see the vid as it was recorded in DosBOX you can click on the link here (63.1 meg video capture) and watch it (in a media player) and or download. (Its a heck of a lot clearer, than after YouTube gets done squishing those pixels.)
(This driver set along with a complete set of instructions and cockpit panel keystrokes help file - uploading to a Supporting FS4 Webport User Library soon...)
May 23, 2013
Okay, if you have been suffering from "Micro-text" sizes, if viewing this site on either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari; this was because the site was programmed for IE (in which the font size is not "too small"). However, now that IE has less than 13% of the market, I am recoding for Firefox & Chrome - which means an end to "micro-text". Its a lot of work to hack through all these old pages and hand change the code... I hope you appreciate it! (grin) Happy reading!
February 14th, 2011
Okay, I'm not giving you flowers for St. Valentine's Day, but for FS4 enthusiasts - I think this will be better. There's a new library for FS4 Webport Supporting Users. If you are interested in the Aircraft Adventure Factory (and always wanted the manual) or ever been curious about flying FS4 with subLogic's USA Scenery Collection... check out the Lib 04 Download Page, you're in for a treat! Happy St. Valentine's Day guys!
p.s. - More changes over at the FST Data Port, so don't forget to visit soon!
February 5th, 2011
Right, the FS4 Webport is up again and now completely operational. Additionally, many more files have been added to the Primary Collection in LIB 03 totalling nearly four hundred; and an option to download all in a single zip file. Further, the Paypal Donation process (still a mere $9.00) has been streamlined so you will be supplied with the required Username and Password to access protected FS4 Webport directories immediately following the donation process. Currently, I am directing my future website efforts towards the building out a new section - which should be of great interest to any FS4 enthuiast! Please have a look at:
FST Data Port.
February 4th, 2011
Okay, working now to get the FS4 Webport back up and operational (file access has been down) after moving to a new hosting service. I have also found more than two hundred additional FS4 files and these have been added to the library! Also, making some changes to access.
October 1st, 2007
A rather large update/addition has gone into the Graphics section over the past week with several new albums of pictures added. These include: 07: North Central Airport (SFZ) to Boston, 08: Nantucket to Block Island (BID), 09: New York City, and 10: subLogic USA Scenery - So. Cal. Preview. Have a look and enjoy...
September 20th, 2007
After doing quite a bit of flying and screen capturing on my trusty old 486DX-33, I have a nice selection of additional new graphics from FS4. As such, the Graphics page has been totally redesigned into its own sub-section. The main Graphics page acts as the "graphics album bookcase" which allows for future expansion. Individual "album pages" off the bookcase now hold assorted sets of FS4 graphics pertaining to different topics. In this update: the Bodega, Hayward, and Maui series where added and all pre-existing graphic files resorted into categories.
September 17th, 2007
The FS4 Webport has been modified today to hold another menu page, entitled FS4 More.... This page will allow for additional future expansion of features, articles, and sub-sections within the general FS4 Webport menu structure. The FS4 Links page has been updated to include several more links.
September 15th, 2007
Some additional Questions and Answers have been added to the Intro. section.
September 14th, 2007
I have gone ahead and augmented and rewritten the entire content for the Wikipedia MS Flight Simulation History Section in regards to FS4. Hopefully, the fellow members of Wiki will not cut up/out my efforts too much (I have had some problems in the past there in other topic areas with self appointed god-type editors). You can read this section via the above link or here in text form.
September 9th, 2007
Please note that the new FS4 Webport Forum is now open! Please click on the link below to visit and join!
Go to the FS4 Webport Forum at Yahoo Groups

September 7th, 2007
Well, I am happy to report the FS4 Webport is finally on the build again... Hopefully, I can keep up my interest here and we'll see how much gets built out before I move on to another project. This may indeed end up being the best place on the net to find FS4 related files. I say this, as I have recently searched around carefully (for my Links page), and most of the old sources for FS4 are now long gone. While you might think the library here is impressive, is pales in comparison to all the great stuff that was available in the Flight Simulations Forum on CompuServe (you can thank AOL for wrecking that)!
So, check back here soon for more updates, and thanks for dropping by...

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