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SI Graphics:
(The Graphics of Stunt Island.)

Here's a few screen grabs from SI
The impressive SR71 Blackbird really cooks in SI. Many sims do not accurately model aircraft, it's more of just a different visual model change. This is not true with SI; careful attention was paid to the birds flight envelope. Taking the different craft up for a test flight is a nice way to get aquainted...
Now here's the place to go to check out some of SI's birds. "What plane would you like to scout locations with?" will be what the chick asks you...
The British built Hawk T-1 is a nifty little jobber to scoot around in. As a standard advanced trainer for the Royal Air Force, its agile, quick, and carries a decent load of ordinance.
Ready to really get to work on Stunt Island, then its time to stop playing with the toys and hit the Set Design Office work table. Or, come in here to talk to the Stunt Coordinator.
Most of your set and stunt design, begins from this screen. From here you can place and animate props, set up complex events - program all sorts of goodies for yourself or others to enjoy...
Talk to this dude if you want to do one of the existing stunts or be in competition. Remember, when you say NO to the contest, you can still come here - then you can try any stunt you like without it affecting your score. Try it out!
Done flying? Yeah, I know it's a nice day outside - it usually is in Southern California, but you've got work to do. Go on in like a good boy and sit down...
Here I am hard at work in the editing studio. This could be you too, but it looks more like me (without my mustache).
Finally, after several days or weeks on the island, its time to go back to the mainland for a while. Most folks would rather stay.
Leaving Stunt Island is beautiful at sunset, but you will no doubt be dreaming of the time when you could soon return. See you on STUNT ISLAND!

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