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Be the Director, Be the Pilot, Be the Actor, Be the Editor, Be the Set Designer, Be the Genius... And share it with the world!

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Perhaps the most creative piece of software every devised, unsurpassed in its abilities - Stunt Island (SI) is still hard to beat and really fun at every level!

SI Harbor Quick Info. Center
What is Stunt Island? Stunt Island (SI) is/was a software program developed by Adrian Stephens of The Assembly Line and published by Walt Disney Computer Software, Inc. in 1992. The following text is from the back of the box:

"Fly it. Film it. Edit it. Stunt Island sets the new standard for simulations, combining a first-rate flight simulator with an extraordinary Hollywood film-making module. Play STUNT ISLAND as a campaign, where you compete 32 challenging stunt flying assignments.
Or let your imagination run wild as you create your own action-packed films!
STUNT ISLAND was developed with the assistance of top Hollywood producers, stunt coordinators, set designers, and pilots. It's the only flight simulator offering you a "crash course" on Hollywood!"

What does the box say about FLYING?
"Do things you've never done before with a flight simulator - land on moving trains, play chicken with a truck on a crowded street, or pluck an escaping convict off a tower on Alcatraz island. Choose any of 45 carefully crafted military and civilian aircraft, beautifully rendered with Gouraud shading. Fly in the stunt competition, or create and fly your own stunts."
What does the box say about FILMING?
"Position up to 8 cameras to capture all the action. Place cameras on moving cars or even in a spotter plane, using your pan and zoom to stay right with the scene. Choose the location, STUNT ISLAND is a huge self-contained 3-D world featuring 34 pre-built sets (large cities, small towns, a castle, LAX, a canyon, and more. Or build your own set from an inventory of more than 800 objects, famous landmarks and vehicles. Set vehicles in motion, trigger explosions, fire missiles... you have complete control over all the action."
What does the box say about EDITING?
"With film footage in hand, head for the editing facility, where you'll cut and splice the best camera angles into your action-packed film. Add music, sound, optical effects, credits, even your own voice-over. Existing stunts come with an auto edit feature to help you learn the ropes. Then set the date for your Hollywood premiere"
Do other people need to have the Stunt Island program to see movies I create? No, not at all. You simply supply an easy to use, free to distribute, player utility that is about 200k with your movie. And viewers only need to get the SI player once.
What aircraft can you fly in Stunt Island?
  • Bristol Bulldog (Mk IIA)
  • Curtiss JN Jenny
  • Curtiss June Bug
  • Fokker DR. I
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Sopwith Triplane
  • Messerschmitt Bf 109G
  • Messerschmitt Bf 110
  • F4U Corsair
  • Junkers Ju 87D Stuka
  • Junkers Ju 88A
  • Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen
  • P-38 Lightning
  • P-51D Mustang
  • Spitfire
  • A-10 Thunderbolt
  • A-6E Intruder
  • B-2 Stealth Bomber
  • E-3 AWACS
  • F-117A Stealth (Fighter)
  • F-15C Eagle
  • F-16C Falcon
  • F-4E Phantom
  • F-86 Sabre
  • F/A - 18 Hornet
  • Hawk
  • Lockheed TR-1
  • Lockheed U-2 (Spy Plane)
  • MiG-15 (UTI) Midget
  • MiG-25 Foxbat
  • MiG-29 Fulcrum
  • Mirage 2000
  • SR-71A Blackbird
  • Topolev TU-142 Bear
  • Boeing 727
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 747
  • Douglas DC-10
  • Beechraft Bonanza V-35
  • Cessna 172 (Skyhawk)
  • Hang Glider
  • Learjet 60
  • Paraglider
  • Piper Cherokee
  • Pitts Special
  • Space Shuttle
  • Anything else can be made to fly...(It will fly with a generic flight envelope)
That's a pretty impressive list. Are you telling me each aircraft has its own distinct flight envelope and characteristics? Yup.
What about different cockpit interiors? Yes, there are several different types depending on what type of aircraft you are in.
Do you wish you could have said something to the developers and programmers? I sure do! I would say: "Guys, the thing is awesome - thanks so much for all your time, effort, dedication, and sheer genius." A special thanks to the fantastic abilities of Adrian Stephens - he may just be the best programmer of all time. THANK YOU! This section is really a tribute to their effort...
I heard that older DOS flight simulators were tricky to get to run... Does SI run on newer systems? Yes, It actually runs superb from the VDM mode DOS prompt. However, to get full sound you will require a true Sound Blaster card, which can run SB16 Emulation mode...
How do I get it...
(<-- You might have to look around a bit, ahem.)
An inferior earlier version of SI... is currently available on the web for free download at another site. You can visit that site via the SI Links page...
What about the manual?
(<-- You might have another look around...)
Yes, the manual is very helpful. Required reading actually... fun too!
Are there any Patches for Stunt Island? Yes, a very important one. You can learn about and download it here page.
How come when I run the program, the graphics look much blocker or lower in resolution that the screen grabs and graphics you show on your site? There's nothing wrong with the program, it runs in good old standard VGA, thats 320 x 200 - 256 color mode. This is the mode many flight sims ran in back in the early 1990s. It was not until about 1995, that resolutions like 800 x 600 were offered or possible - usually providing exceedingly poor frame rates on all but the fastest systems.
So, what's the deal with the screen grabs? When sceen grabs are taken in VGA mode, they appear to be full screen. However, when you are operating at todays average full screen graphics resolution: 800 x 600, or 1024 x 768; these grabs will only take up a small portion of the screen when displayed by most modern programs.
How can I see how the program will really look on my system? You can simply multiply the image by the largest available full scale enlargement your resolution will provide:
Example: Running in 800 x 600 mode, you can enlarge a 320 x 200 screen grab by only 2 fold: 640 x 400. You cannot go up the 3X because 960 x 600 is too large for the 800 x 600 mode (You can do it if you switch up to the tiny 1024 x 768 resolution mode as now the graphic will fit).
What can I do about the low resolution of this program: Nothing that I know of; short of getting the programmer to reprogram the program - not to likely, unfortunately. It can take a small bit of time to get "de-ressed" back to operating in VGA, but SI does such a great job with this mode, you will hardly mind.
I really would like the complete program: box, manual and all... Where can it get it? I would think eBay would be you best bet.
Why are you spending all this time on a product which is so old? Surely it has been surpassed by newer versions with more features; better graphics and sound? NO. It has not. Programs like SI were built in the hey-day of individualized computer gaming and simulations.
There was certainly an air of trying out new concepts and seeing if it could be accomplished. It was a time when the quality of the product was worth more to the company than how many units were sold (at least initially). This time period did not last long...
So what is this website about ? You can learn about SI and its abilities, see examples of aircraft, scenery, sets, films, program tips, Download files... Get excited.
How big and complete will this sub-section of your site become? Gee, I guess that depends really on how long this phase of SI Fever grabs me. I hope its a while - but you can never tell; along comes some other darn program and poof, my brain is off. Hey wait up...
Hey, I was wondering why you called this section of your site: Stunt Island Harbor? Well, being a mariner of sorts, I know harbors store and supply things - lots of things (and thats what good webpages do too). I wanted a name to do with Stunt Island of course, but didn't want something that would lead you to expect this site is the nexus of SI knowledge on the web (I'd rather play with SI more than build that...). So, like any good harbor, I hope you can stock up here on a few supplies; get a bit of direction and a chart or two if you need it. This site is also here to let you know someone else is still interested in this rather esoteric title. Finally, "siharbor" is eight letters, and I like to stick to the old DOS convention of naming. Its easy to come direct here with:
Gee, I really didn't need that long winded of an answer. Ahhhh, sorry...
What are your hopes for this site? To let folks know how great the SI program still is... and how enjoyable it remains to use it...

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