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(Happenings from Stunt Island and about Stunt Island Harbor.)

May 16th, 2006        Easily Convert SI Films to AVI format
Okay, for years Stunt Islanders have yearned for an easy way to convert their beloved SI films to a more modern "Web or Windows" friendly format. Well, the wait is officially over... and the process is FREE.
Yes, that's right. The newest issue of DOSBox, version: 0.65 incorporates a new "Video Recording with Sound" feature. It works with SI and... It's super easy. Simply run Stunt Island within DOSBox 0.65 and press the keystroke combination: CTRL+ALT+F5 to start, and again to stop. A standard AVI format file will be created and saved in the DOSBox sub-directory under Capture. It can then easily be played under Windows Media player*.
*Note that before playing these AVI files, you must first install a ZMBV codec zmbv.dll Windows Media Player support file. It is supplied with the download of DOSBox 0.65 and an install routine. Just click on it from the Start/Programs/DosBox/Video - menu and install. There is also an interesting text file on video capture for your review.
While the recording may seem a bit choppy when in progress, the playback is usually flawless. You will be delighted with the result! But, be warned that AVI files get big quick. The equation is, pretty much: ten seconds equals one meg! Yeah... ONE MEG. If you are placing these babes on your site, or available for download - make sure you can handle the bandwidth... it can become a serious concern quite quickly. Its bloatware at its best when you consider the file size needed for the Playone player utlity and the standard size of an SI *.ALL file... but that's progress - folks.
Finally -- and unfortuantely... all is not totally perfect. I have yet to see the Series 9 - (Windows 98) Windows Media Player properly play a ZMBV codec based AVI file created by DOSBox 0.65. DOSBox 0.65 creates it fine under Win98... and it plays perfect on an XP platform (w/codec installed). But, with Win98(also w/codec installed) - I have seen only audio, no video. Grrrrr. Again, This is NOT a problem under Windows XP, and it indeed seems DOSBox 0.65 is more and more geared towards running on faster XP platforms (Is it time for that new WXGA laptop?). Also, It may be possible to resave the AVI into a slightly different format.
March 1st, 2006        DOSBox Makes Running SI - Easy
With the latest issue of DOSBox (ver 0.63), running Stunt Island on newer XP systems and even other platforms (like OS/2)... is a "breeze". DOSBox 0.63 now brings tons of older (but never championed) DOS games and applications roaring back to life! If you are unfamiliar with DOSBox, or would like to download it (it's FREE), just click on the DOSBox Icon above.
Also, Find out more concerning running Stunt Island under DOSBox in this informative article recently published in the Jackson City Tribune: Big Changes for Stunt Island.
February 2nd, 2006        An Outlet for SI Builder Types...
If building custom props, programming set functions within Stunt Island like 3D VGA environments, and sharing your creations with the world... tickles your fancy; you might just enjoy visiting the all new: Virtual Reality Studio - Resource (here at planetmic).
At VRSR, you can learn about and download a program (Domark's Virtual Reality Studio) that lets you re-create and animate anything you find interesting from the Stunt Island world, or anywhere else for that matter! It's just the ticket for creative Stunt Islanders types... (ahhhh, that would be you)! Stand-alone examples, help files, and a new users forum are all available - free. Come on, join the fun!
January 22nd, 2006        Disney's Caprica Site Returns!
Disney's Caprica FTP site is once again up and full of goodies for Stunt Island Users. After "taking a powder", early last year, the good folks of Caprica seemed to hear the cry out from dedicated Stunt Island users. Yes, this beloved resource has returned.
This is also excellent news for new users (coming from "The Movies") as the patch files located here are a "must have" for any serious SI user... Thanks Caprica!
January 14th, 2006        "The Movies" - No SI Replacement
A lot of work has gone into the new software title "The Movies" by Lionhead Studios and indeed it is a new form of "movie making" program within the genre of Stunt Island. However, it has little in the way of flexibility or control as is offered within SI, and none of the focus on aircraft, other vehicles, or stunts.
The Movies does allow you to create your own films (which you can distribute) and manage a pseudo studio; the game is somewhat of a hybrid; mixing elements of The Sims, Sim City, and perhaps some Stunt Island's concepts. The program produces movies using computer generated characters making output from the software look initially humorous and creative, but rather quickly seems limited (i.e. "gets old quick" - to many canned paste and use elements) - as the advanced nuts and bolts film making controls (all faithfully present in SI) are not there. Nor are there the variety of actors, props, or locations as provided in SI (granted SI actors are usually aircraft or vehicles - sometimes polygon people). Someone actually made a movie about this grip with a big white rabbit complaining about wanting more sets and props for "The Movies" - its pretty funny. It is likely some of these concerns will be addressed in upcoming Add-ons or "The Movies Two", perhaps. Also, film file size can be very large; even a one minute, low res. pixelated blurry digi film is about 1 meg. - which plays though the Windows Media player. This can be a concern if bandwidth is important to you on your site.
Never the less, if you need your polygons "texture mapped"... and even if you don't - the program is definitely worth a trip to the product's impressive flash driven website:, though a broadband connect is a must to enjoy your stay. In the end, I most advanced SI users will find "The Movies" boxed in - and ultimately as lamely creative as most of the large modern badly re-done big flicks that are on today's empty movie house screens.
Do yourself a favor, stay on Stunt Island!
December 29th, 2005        Stunt Island Name Taken...
If you are surfing around the web looking for something new on Stunt Island, punching in might just make your head spin! Yes, a fresh real "Stunt Island" url... Is this the new, long awaited, version two of the program so many have hoped and prayed for? Oh please please please...
Sorry (wha wha whaaaaa: sound) - seems a new company called: ForgeFX has developed a 3D trick bike simulation and named it - oops: Stunt Island. Perhaps they were not aware of the real SI. (But, how could any programmer doing 3D simulations not know about the unmatched ground breaking 3D programming and functionality of Stunt Island? Too young, probably -- but, Adrian Stephens and the Assembly Line still has no equal!) Contacting ForgeFX, they replied that they were happy to receive the heads up on the product's nomenclature goof and were deciding whether to modify or completely rename their game. As it stands - not only is this a major confusion for search engines, but it is doubtful Disney Software will be too pleased either... There is still only one true - Stunt Island.
March 7th 2005        Disney's Caprica FTP Site Gone...
The long standing site for Stunt Island and other Disney software product patches, including files from the once popular Disney BBS, seems to have been taken down recently... This would have been a great loss to the Stunt Island community, had not these files been backed up by SIFA members. Luckily, that is the case! One member is currently hosting most of the Disney caprica contents... get it while you can via the Links page.
April 1st, 2003       A New Stunt Island?
Disney Software released news today that a new version of Stunt Island is currently in the works. All the members of the original design and programming team have been reassembled to ensure the highest quality of this successor to their previous outstanding achievement. Upgrades to the original package will include: new high resolution graphics and surround sound, a special custom prop creation and modeling tool set, and dozens of new aircraft and helicopters. The area around Stunt Island will also been increased to allow for the creation of an additional unique custom island if you wish! Too keep the faithful SI users happy; full backward compatibility will be supported for all previously created SI films and SD props via a simple conversion utility. ...Pretty much everything we've always been wishing for guys... (Sorry, check the date on this one. Nice to dream though - huh?)
March 28th, 2003       Faster Access
Look'in for a faster way to get to SI Harbor? Now you have it! From anywhere on the web, just type the below into your trusty browser:
You'll be automatically taken to the SI Harbor Intro page. Tell a friend today...
March 26th, 2003       War Rallies Stunt Islanders
Source: Jackson City Tribune
Stunt Islanders came out by the thousands today in support of the troops of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Many stunt pilots have been called up from their reserve status to active duty. As the President said earlier today in Tampa: "We will stay on the path; all the way to Baghdad... and all the way to victory."
March 20th, 2003        Zepp Returning to SI Skies
Source: Jackson City Tribune
Work continues in earnest on the great ship here at the SI Zeppelin Works located northwest of Jackson City on the shores of lake Larga.
While the massive skeleton frame of the ship is complete, it is in her details that much time continues to be spent... The lavish passenger and bridge gondola has seen attention to every feature; her five maybach engine cars are currently undergoing final adjustment and testing.
March 15th, 2003       SIH News Expands Contacts
I'm happy to report today an association has been reached between SIH News and other news agencies on Stunt Island. This means that in the future SIH News will not only feature updates concerning SI Harbor, but will also includes news articles from Stunt Island. How can that be? ... We have our sources...
March 12th, 2003        Internet Group A-Buzz With Chatter
Gee - the SIFA Yahoo Group seems to be in the middle of a revitalization of a sort, with more messages so far this month than the last nine months... was SI Harbor a catalyst? I'd like to think so.
Also this week, I'm happy to report an update to the Links page. An active link to the somewhat search engine lost: Stunt Island Central has been re-established... Helloooow Doug! On the home front, work on the zepp continues slowly - the Count is quite picky you know...
March 4th, 2003       Zepp Work Slow
Not much new at SI Harbor this week as Mic continues to work on his detailed new SI prop - the Graf Zeppelin (perhaps the most beloved airship of all time).
Many hours of work have gone into this creation - it is a highly accurate model. Once compete, a series of SI films will animate the zepp as no sim has yet done... including an example of the classic style of zepp departure - the vertical lift-off. Eventually, the Graf will be made available for free download.
February 24th, 2003       Mic's SI Notes Added
I'm happy to announce today the opening of Mic's SI Notes. Yup more great info. for you on that special little island... SI Harbor is now 14 pages!
February 21, 2003       Get Nifty Keyboard Pics
Need a little help getting into SI? Trying to remember all those keyboard commands? I can help. Check out these new Keyboard Control graphics for you to download, study, and print.
Also added is a page on the impressive help file: SIUPDATE.TXT and a review of Rick Barba's great book: STUNT ISLAND: The Official Strategy Guide.
February 15, 2003       SIH News Page Opens
Welcome to the Stunt Island Harbor News page. You can come here to see exactly what's new with the SI Harbor Section on On the above date; the whole of the SI Harbor is new (10 linked pages), and thus NEWS! Have a good look around... Please don't miss the SD Editor sub page under Support, for the current "meat" of this new section. There's been a lot of effort put into that page and it should be of good help to new folks who would like to give the SD editor a whirl. Lots of goodies to download as well... I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.
Also, the SI Links page can really help you out if you are new to SI, or would like to get the program! Its currently still available at one site... I wouldn't miss the opportunity. There are some other links users may wish to check out as well, including the DISNEY BBS Archives link. Happy hunting.
All the best, Mic.

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