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Welcome to Planetmic
What's New at PlanetmicNEW
Terms of use
Topics Orbiter (site introduction)
Golden Era PC Games, Vintage Software - Why They Count!
Website Update News


Consulting and Contact Information
Public Resume

Frontier / Elite: (Primary)

The Pilot's Lounge (full access to Frontier / Elite primary and sub-sections)
FE2 Introduction / Slide show
What was in the box
FE2 vs. Privateer 2 Review
Frontier Holiday Greeting Cards
Frontier Elite II Secrets
Noted Program Bugs
Mic's FE2 Links
Leaving Luyten 789-6 (cross-over page to FDL & Logbook sub-sections)
Running FE2 with Win 95/98
Mic's Musings (framed pages section)

Frontier / Elite: (Sub-Sections)

Elite Plus: Planetside Index
New P8 Newsfeed
Discovery Base Tech Brief
Ep2 Scenario
Program Development
Where is New P8
Terrain Mapping
Download Ep2

Frontier Films (viewer and films available for download)

FDL: Flight Data Log Program (program available for download)
FDL Manual
Flight Data Log -1- (sample output file)

Commander Mic's Logbook Index
Chapter -1-
Chapter -2-
Chapter -3-
Chapter -4-
Chapter -5-
Leaving Luyten 789-6
Flight Data Log -1-

Random Flight Plan Generator (program available for download)

Elite Mars Project Index
What is Elite Mars
Elite Mars History
Martian Newsfeed Graphics Index

Terminus Sub-Section
Screen Shots
Support Files
Mic's Game

MS Space Simulator Sub-Section
Support Files
Nexus Plexus (framed pages section)

Moonbase Argos Sub-Section

Hyperspeed Base Sub-Section
Box, Ad, Review
Screen Grabs


Boating Section Introduction
Sailboats Sub-section
Powerboats Sub-section
Misc. Boats
Other Boats


Introduction to VHSB and ISB3
Download Viewers and Models

Virtual Reality Studio - Resource
(additional storage pages off primary sub-section pages)

VRSR Introduction
Domark Virtual Reality Studio Description
VRS Graphics
VRSR Downloads
Virtual Reality Studio 2 (VRS2)
VRS2R Introduction
VRS Hints and Help
Domark Virtual Reality Studio Reviews
VRS Users Group Forum at Yahoo
Misc. Stuff
Domark Virtual Reality Studio Links

Flight Simulations:

Flight Simulations Section Introduction
FS4 WebportNEW
Stunt Island Harbor


Mic's Old Earthlink Tech Page (various technical files and images for download)

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